5G Summit


Wed, 18 Oct: 14:00 - 17:00 CAT

Free/Open to All


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Commercial 5G services are now available in every region of the world, making it a truly global technology. As of March 2023, 228 operators had launched commercial 5G services across 87 countries. By the end of this year, the number of 5G connections globally will reach 1.5 billion, or 17% of total mobile connections, while 5G networks will cover more than a third of the world’s population.

In Africa, the journey to 5G is gaining traction, as evidenced by recent 5G network launches in Nigeria and Mozambique by Airtel and Vodacom, respectively, and 5G spectrum auctions in several markets, including Namibia, Senegal, and Uganda. There are now nearly 20 commercial 5G networks in the region, with many more expected in the coming months and years, as governments and other stakeholders look to use the technology to tackle some of society’s biggest challenges.

The 5G summit at MWC Kigali is the foremost platform for stakeholders to exchange ideas on efficient network deployment, innovative applications and use cases, and forward-looking regulations to drive 5G rollout and adoption. The 2023 5G summit will bring together leaders and professionals from government, the mobile industry, and adjacent verticals to share their vision and expectations for the 5G era and make bold commitments towards the realisation of the 5G potential in Africa through insightful keynotes and panel discussions, 5G showcases and networking opportunities.


The summit will run over three 1-hour sessions, with each session focusing on a specific topic area. For the first time this year, the 5G summit will include a 5G showcase – a platform for companies and innovators to demonstrate existing and potential 5G applications and use cases developed specifically for the African market.

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