Mobile for Development

Digital Inclusion for all: Reducing the usage gap in Africa


Tue, 17 Oct: 15:00 - 16:00 CAT

Free/Open to All


AD12, Mobile for Development Theatre


Session Description

Join us to hear the latest insights from the State of Mobile Internet Connectivity Report 2023. We will be sharing data on mobile internet coverage, usage and gender gaps in Sub-Saharan Africa, along with insights on the barriers that are preventing people from accessing and using mobile internet. You will also hear from our partners as they reflect on the findings and share their strategies to get more people online.

Sub-Saharan Africa has experienced continual improvement in mobile broadband penetration and as such the coverage gap has steadily reduced year on year. The majority of the unconnected live in areas covered by a mobile broadband network and face other barriers that are preventing them from going online. The unconnected are also disproportionately women, rural, poorer and less educated. This session will explore what can be done to drive increased digital inclusion in Sub-Saharan Africa and ensure everyone has the opportunity to benefit from mobile internet connectivity.

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