MWC Kigali Themes

Leadership for Connectivity

Over the last few years, the mobile industry in Sub-Saharan Africa has risen to the challenge of keeping individuals and businesses connected during the pandemic. It is suggested that by 2025, 615 million people in this region will subscribe to mobile services, the equivalent of 50% of the population. And with the rapid deployment of 5G across the globe, Africa is realising the massive potential for growth and the ways in which it will drive this adoption forward.

Digital growth in the continent has been underpinned by leveraging technology, together with strong and informed leadership and partnerships. Despite the global crisis, mobile has continued to lead transformation and enhance millions of lives through the delivery services in areas of healthcare, AgriTech and commerce.

This theme welcomes leaders from across the ecosystem to outline their vision and to explore the next steps in the region’s transformative agenda and its 5G journey.

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