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Mastercard enabling millions of people to connect to the financial and digital economy

Mastercard enabling millions of people to connect to the financial and digital economy

As a founding partner of the MWC Africa, Mastercard’s participation at this event provides us with an opportunity to engage with partners across the fintech, telecommunication, banking and government sectors. We are proud to showcase our solutions and technology that enable the connection of millions of people from underserved communities to the financial and digital economy across the wider Africa continent, and the world. At the event, we will also be releasing an insightful whitepaper on the future of fintech in Africa.

As the fintech industry in Africa embarks on diversification strategies to adapt to a new business environment, Mastercard continues to be a single technology provider and trusted business innovation partner to these businesses. By connecting them with the technology, platforms and propositions to drive growth through digital financial services, we unlock value for millions of consumers and SMEs.

At Mastercard, we are leveraging our technology to help fintechs adapt to changing commercial environments and customer behaviors. We are a single-stop digital commerce technology provider of choice that is enabling fintechs in Africa to diversify their revenue and transition seamlessly into digital commerce.

Mastercard is making this happen through digital partnerships – meeting with partners, sharing innovation, and creating an evolving marketplace of ideas and opportunities.

With a trusted advisor that offers a global network, end-to-end product management and well-informed data insights, the needs of fintechs are addressed. The payment solutions technology that improves seamless transacting of various kinds from a central point, allows them to connect more powerfully with their customers. It is also efficient and cost-effective, driving financial inclusion across Africa.

We look forward to engaging telcos, fintech companies, governments, technology companies and startups at the MWC Africa regarding the current state of the fintech economy in Africa, as well as delve deeper into the findings and predictions of our recent study. Our work in this space is underpinned by our commitment to connecting one billion people into the financial and digital economy by 2025. Not forgetting our partners, who through their collaborative efforts, help bring us closer to this goal, and turning it into reality.