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Orange, a multi-service digital operator in Africa

Orange, a multi-service digital operator in Africa

Present in 18 countries in Africa and the Middle East, Orange uses its network capabilities to provide and manage multiple digital services across the continent. Our goal is to provide concrete solutions to meet people’s needs, particularly in the fields of health, financial services, and energy access.

That’s why, Orange invites attendees to stand C3 of the Kigali Convention Center at MWC Africa to discover a range of demos on digital, energy and financial inclusion, and to see how 5G can be used to enable better healthcare, increasingly sophisticated financial services and simpler, fairer access to solar energy.

The winners of our 12th Orange Social Venture Prize in Africa and the Middle East (OSVP) will also be announced during the congress. The awards ceremony will take place on Wednesday 26 October at 12:30 pm on the Better Future Stage. Check out the OSVP website.

*Brelotte Ba, Deputy CEO of Orange MEA serves as our keynote speaker, with Grégoire de Padirac, Principal Orange Ventures Africa and Jean-Luc Chalhoub, Director of Regulatory Affairs Orange MEA, also participating in the conference sessions.

Here’s an overview of our four Orange demos:

Health with 5G

5G networks enable higher bandwidth and lower latency.

Joining the Orange stand, SenVitaleS&H is a digital health start up accelerated by Orange FAB Senegal[1] Season 5 and selected for the Orange Social Venture Prize 2019[2]. It enables users to take more control over their health and medical care.

Its Telewer telemedicine platform connects patients to a healthcare professional anywhere and instantly. Health centers can use this platform alongside telemedicine kits and stations to simplify access to health specialists via teleassistance. The solution can be further developed to incorporate cardiology, dermatology, oncology, ophthalmology and more.

Financial services with apps:

  • Orange Money Africa App
    This app is available for both Orange and non-Orange customers. Through its functional and practical navigation, where all services are easily accessible from the home screen, we make it easy for our partners to promote innovative solutions such as QRcode payments. The app offers a smooth customer journey which users love.
  • Orange Bank Africa App
    This app gives users 24/7 access to their bank account. Money transfers are now easier for Orange Bank Africa and Orange customers thanks to a new service that can be activated in the app. It allows them to top up your Orange Money electronic wallet from their bank account and vice versa.
  • Solar energy with Orange Smart Energie:

This digital platform monitors the sale of energy distributed to customers in a pay as you go model, enabling them to pay for their energy over time, rather than in one full payment. It also increases the addressable market for distributors, while decreasing servicing costs, through remote alerts sent from the system in case of any technical issue.

[2] OSVP/ Orange Social Venture Prize