Interview with ZTE's CTA Mr. Wu Jianjun

Interview with ZTE's CTA Mr. Wu Jianjun

Since entering the African telecommunications market in 1997, ZTE has built wireless and broadband network infrastructure for 50 African countries, providing high-speed and stable network services to over 400 million African people, and cultivating a large number of talents for local operators' digital transformation.

Mr. Wu Jianjun (Jacky Wu, VP, CTO of MEA) has more than 15 years of experience in telecommunications and is in charge of ZTE's marketing and solution sales in the Middle East and Africa region. As a funding partner in MWC Kigali 2023, Mr.Wu will represent ZTE and share with our audiences how ZTE have helped shape Africa's digital development and improved the quality of life in African communities.

Can you give us a brief introduction of what business ZTE has carried out in Africa

ZTE has been in the African market for 27 years. Based on our advanced technology, ZTE focuses on communication and digital infrastructure construction in Africa; ZTE has provided advanced network connections for more than 400 million people in Africa. We also worked with government and industry customers in other domains, such as rural network coverage, distance education, telemedicine, smart grid, etc. We are committed to using technology to change lifestyles and benefit local people.

Can you talk about ZTE's business layout in Africa in the future, and in what areas will ZTE strengthen cooperation with the African country?

In recent years, the requirements of African countries for digital transformation have become more and more. ZTE would like to share our experience about network development and help to construct high-quality, high-reliability, and high-security networks in Africa. In nearly future, ZTE will carry out customized solutions to improve the customer experience for African countries, mainly including the following three aspects:

  1. The digital infrastructure construction will be from the network to the cloud, including the 4G network upgrade to 5G, the cable network transfer to the fiber network, optical backbone construction, core network cloudification, data center construction, etc. To achieve reducing costs and increasing network speed in Africa;
  2. Build a 5G applications ecosystem. Together with operators, Use 5G to support the digital transformation for different industries, such as 5G mines, 5G ports, mobile payment, e-commerce, etc., to help the development of the digital economy in Africa;
  3. Provide Africa with affordable, safe, and low-carbon innovative energy products, such as lithium batteries, zero-carbon sites, AI energy-saving tools, green modular data centers, etc., to enhance sustainable development capabilities.

ZTE believes that the African market has great potential. We will continue to work with African operators and other industry partners to promote sustainable growth of Africa's digital economy by building digital infrastructure, promoting local innovation, and continuing to give back to local communities.